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Additive manufacturing is evolving quickly, and 3D printing is constantly used for new applications, more production, new 3D printing materials, new benefits, and growing budgets. Let’s take a look at the responses to certain key questions from the last 5 years.
Additive manufacturing has a big role when it comes to business strategy and in most cases, it’s a huge competitive advantage. Our respondents tell us more about how they measure the success and impact of their 3D printing activities for their business. The majority report significant improvements and we clearly notice a growing interest in additive manufacturing for a variety of applications.
We call the 3D printing experts Power Users. Who are Power Users? This is a special group of 3D printing users, using additive manufacturing in the context of work for more than two years. Their use of 3D printing is significant, and have they invested at least $10k in the 3D printing last year. This section focuses on their views and uses of this technology.
We didn't stop at studying just the basics of the 3D printing industry. We wanted to get even more insights and also took a better look at Women in 3D Printing. Also, we dig deeper into the Job Market sector. Stay tuned for the upcoming ebooks with our Newsletter!

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