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''The State of Women in 3D Printing offers very complete and useful insights that we hope will help to shatter the gender glass ceiling many women are facing throughout their careers in Additive Manufacturing, especially in engineering-related positions.''

-Nora Touré (Founder of Women in 3D Printing)

''It is very important for us to get a better insight on the State of Women in 3D Printing as they are a growing part of this industry. What are their main roles? How do they see their future in Additive Manufacturing? We hope Sculpteo’s annual report will highlight the most essential information and showcase the importance of Women in 3D Printing.''

-Clément Moreau (CEO & Co- Founder at Sculpteo)

Are women dominating any positions in the Additive Manufacturing industry? How did they start their career in 3D printing? How do they see the application of 3D printing in business strategy?
Find out with our report!
The State of Women in 3D Printing is not our only focus. We also dig deeper into the Job Market sector. Both of the ebooks are a part of the largest study of Additive Manufacturing: The State of 3D Printing. Stay tuned for the upcoming ebooks with our Newsletter!

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