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The State of 3D Printing Job Market is a part of our biggest study of the Additive Manufacturing industry. In this mini ebook, we deepened the aspect of workforce, careers, and potential of 3D printing.
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How much experience on average have people in the field of Additive Manufacturing? What are their educational backgrounds? Which profiles are the most in-demand? Our study will give you these any many other answers about the 3D Printing Job Market.
Only around 5% of respondents gained their knowledge of 3D printing from formal education and almost 60% learned on the job. You can learn more about Additive Manufacturing with our ebook, download it now!
The State of 3D Printing Job Market is not our only focus. We also dig deeper into the State of Women in 3D Printing. Both of the ebooks are a part of the largest study of Additive Manufacturing: The State of 3D Printing. Stay tuned for the upcoming ebooks with our Newsletter!

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