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The findings from this annual study show very positive trends for the whole additive manufacturing industry. Indeed, we can see that investment in 3D printing exploded, with companies who truly trust this technology and see the positive results it brings. They use additive manufacturing for multiple purposes, from prototyping to production. Regarding 3D printing materials, plastics are still the most used ones, but the use of metals is strongly increasing.

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Every year, at Sculpteo, we conduct a survey over 1000 professionals from the 3D printing market. They all come from various industries that use additive manufacturing, from industrial goods to consumer goods, from aeronautics to healthcare. We asked them several questions regarding their use of 3D printing, and how it impacts their businesses.

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In this additive manufacturing study, you will learn about multiple topics related to the 3D printing market. We asked why companies invest in 3D printing, and the results of these investments, how businesses use 3D printing technologies and materials, how expertise in additive manufacturing is evolving inside companies and much more!

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