How can you improve your 3D printing skills?

Graduate in 3D printing is an eBook series about the best educational opportunities available to land a job in the 3D printing industry. Most of all, education is a question of motivation. Are you willing to learn more about this technology, the process of creation and the way to develop a business around it? It relies only on you and, maybe a little push with this guide to help you find the good training for you.

What will you find inside the ebook?

In this last volume of our Graduate in 3D printing series, we are going to make the overview of the best training to learn about the technologies, the software, the process of creation but also the business aspect of 3D printing. This eBook aims to be a real ally to improve both your knowledge and skills.

What will you find inside?

If 3D Printing inspires you, motivates you and you firmly believe in the future of its possibilities have a look at our training selection! Here is a summary of what you can expect to learn from our guide: Some definitions to quickly learn the most basic notions you’ll need to read through the PDF, Our top training and events to learn about the 3D printing world and technology, how to print your first object, and how to get started in the 3D printing industry.

Fix your 3D models with us!

To help you learn more about fixing 3D files and 3D printing in general, we keep creating various resources for you. For instance, do you know that we have a 3D printing blog? Our blog posts cover different subjects surrounding the 3D printing business. You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter and receive all the news about Sculpteo and 3D printing.

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