What design studies to choose?

3D printing technology is going to be the mean of production at the core of the next industrial revolution. This new tool implies disruptive new ways of thinking the product conception. Mastering the constraints of 3D modeling will be key to develop new products and designs adapted to this manufacturing process. 

Why should you study design?

From recruiters in big companies to entrepreneurs who create prototypes or launch a new product, they are all looking for people able to create the 3D model to materialize their ideas. So how can you prepare yourself to have adapted skills for these job opportunities? It’s what we tried to figure out by gathering together these 37 design schools focused on 3D Modeling.

What will you find inside?

For Designers willing to work in Industrial Design, Product Design or 3D Design, we’ve categorized the best 3D Design programs in the world by geographical location. Inside this PDF, you’ll find: Some definitions to gain a rapid understanding of the different programs, The best 3D printing courses in Europe and the US, Our tutorial library to learn the most used CAD software.

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