What is Graduate in 3D Printing Series?

With a rise of 65% in job offers last year, the 3D printing industry is blooming. Composed of companies with diverse focuses, this industry is seeking for highly specialized and diversified profiles. But, how can you learn the right skills to work in this industry?

Where to start?

It’s the purpose of our Graduate in 3D printing series. Through these 4 eBooks, you will find more than 180 courses and resources to learn 3D printing whether you’re looking to enroll for online training or to find what your next university could be.

What will you find inside?

Each eBook focuses on a specific set of skills, making it extremely intuitive to find the training that fits you. In this edition, you’ll find our four “Graduate in 3D Printing” eBooks sorted by these following categories: Part 1 - Research in Materials and Process, Part 2 - Software and Computer Engineering Studies, Part 3 - 3D Design Studies, Part 4 - Improve your 3D printing skills on your own. Get started right now!

Fix your 3D models with us!

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