All you need to know about Laser Cutting

We present you our ultimate laser cutting guide! In this laser cutting guide, you’ll learn what is Laser Cutting, the origins of it, how does a Laser Cutter work, and applications of this technology.

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Facts about Laser Cutting

Where do lasers come from? Why are they used as cutting tools nowadays? Let’s explore the invention of lasers, from the first MASERS to the extremely powerful new lasers, used for tooling, drilling and cutting strong materials such as titanium!

Sculpteo's Laser Cutting service

Sculpteo’s laser cutting guide is also here to teach you how to turn your designs into objects, thanks to a complete list of the materials you can laser cut, and a description of our own online laser cutting offer with more than 60 material options. And don’t forget to read our specific guidelines to create your vector file, enhance it, and advance it! Our tutorials and unique online tools will help you make the most out of laser cutting.

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