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We are passionate to give every person and each company the chance to experience 3D printing for themselves. We held interviews with five experts in order to share their knowledge and experience with you. The experts explained to us how their lab works, the way it is organized, what they have learned from setting up their own lab and also gave us tips for possible future lab founders like you.

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Enhance your workflow by following the right steps

Opening a 3D printing lab, either private or public, comes with great advantages for your company. Having your own 3D printing lab could significantly simplify your workflow but in order to do so, you need the right resources, personnel, printers, and space to get started. With the right guidance from this Ebook, you will have a headstart.

What are you going to find in our ebook?

General reasons for establishing a 3D printing lab, Needed material resources for a 3D printing lab, Choosing the correct 3D printer, Workflow optimization possibilities, Required space for a 3D printing lab, Required level of lab personnel's expertise, Funding options and possibilities, Fablabs & Workshops and lots more!

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