Fix your 3D files in no time

Thanks to his experience working with thousands of 3D files, our 3D printing expert, Alvise Rizzo, prepared a comprehensive PDF that includes a list of the most common modelling mistakes, a complete list of Sculpteo's online 3D printing tools for automatic tasks and the best software to analyze and repair 3D files if you want to get your hands dirty.

What will you find in our ebook?

We created a chart that explains the various features of Meshmixer, Nettfab, Sculpteo, Mini Magics Meshlab, and 3D Tool to fix your files. From now on, you will know which tool or what combination is most adept for any type of situation.

Tools you will discover with us

You will find the best solutions for: analyzing your 3D file (mesh), repairing your 3D file, Measuring filesize (physical and digital), Reducing polygon count the number of polygons, Hollowing and Thickening your model, and many more! Download your ebook now.

Fix your 3D models with us!

To help you learn more about fixing 3D files and 3D printing in general, we keep creating various resources for you. For instance, do you know that we have a 3D printing blog? Our blog posts cover different subjects surrounding the 3D printing business. You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter and receive all the news about Sculpteo and 3D printing.

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