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Ever wondered what 3D printing experts have to say regarding this technology? How they experienced 3D printing, their visions on the future of 3D printing, and the business tips they would like to share: here are all of the different questions we asked them to help you learn more about the 3D printing technology. Download our free ebook now!

Our 3D printing experts

For this ebook, we interviewed 5 3D printing experts, all coming from different backgrounds and with various work positions. These diverse profiles will help you get a good 3D printing overview. Here they are: Steve Fournier, Additive manufacturing Executive, Business Development and Startup Investments Professional; Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo; Chapman Thompson, Additive Manufacturing Manager at Google; Eddy Chatelain, Method Engineer at Decathlon International; Jack McCauley, Chief Engineering at Lucid VR.

What will you find in our ebook?

In this 3D printing ebook, you will learn many things, among which: What is 3D printing used for; Who uses a 3D printer and 3D printing in general, and how they make the most of it; What are the latest developments in 3D printing, and which one are the most important ones according to our additive manufacturing experts; What the future of 3D printing could possibly look like; and Some tips for businesses using 3D printing.

Interested in these topics? Download our ebook to get a great 3D printing overview!

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