Intellectual property: what you should know

Intellectual property (IP) is a major concern when it comes to any industrial or artistic creation. You have to be aware that additive manufacturing is not an exception. Learn more about how the laws of IP work with our ebook.

Do you know your rights when it comes to design and 3D printing?

If you're in doubt, this ebook is for you. Additive manufacturing is a gold mine for creative possibilities... but also for fraudulent copies. How to protect your creation when the technology allows for exact replicas of pretty much any object without tractability?

What will you discover with our ebook?

This ebook is for all the users of 3D printing and all the future users of this technology! Here's what you will find in this ebook, to help you to avoid IP infringementsWhat are intellectual property rights; Application of French intellectual property rights to 3D printing; 3D printing technology and U.S rights; Application of U.S intellectual property rights.

Make no mistakes while 3D Printing

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